Style after a mastectomy

Style after a mastectomy

After having my mastectomy I never thought I would mourn my old body, don't get me wrong I am totally grateful for being alive and having that second chance to live and see my children grow up but nothing could have prepared me for the changes to my body physically and mentally.

Wearing outfits without a bra are a thing of the past,  so are very low cut tops which I would have never given a second thought LBM ( life before mastectomy ).

Even though I have had reconstruction, my implant hardened during radiotherapy and because the implant is over the muscle you can see a lot of rippling especially when lifted in a bra!

Not only do us younger women have to come to terms with living with cancer, we are also thrown into early menopause years early so the bodies physical changes are tough, weight gain and fatigue to name a couple but the list is long!

When I started to design my swimwear I wanted it to be fun and on trend whilst giving support and comfort and confidence to the client.

Within this blog I will be looking for ways to overcome these obstacles within fashion and hopefully help you lovely people overcome your insecurities when getting dressed and feel like your old self .

take care 

Melanie xxxx




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